8 Ways To Give Your Cat The Best View In The House

8 Ways To Give Your Cat The Best View In The House
Perfect perches for surveying


Elevate your cat to new heights! Give your cat the best seat in the house with these perfect for surveying perches. Whether it's a stylish cat tower, cozy shelf, or outdoor-observing window bed, these top-notch picks are sure to please!


The stylish Cosy and Dozy Chill Shelf gives your cat a superior place to lounge. Perfect for smaller homes, the shelf easily mounts to your wall and takes up hardly any space—just enough for your precious cat!

Cosy Dozy

Your cats will be fighting for the top spot on the sleek, Lotus Tower from the Refined Feline. But don't worry, this tower offers enough shelves (and style) to go around!


Lotus Tower


Your cat is undoubtedly the king or queen of your household, and deserves a suitable throne! The handmade, intricate details of Square Paws' Hickory Dickory Clock provide the perfect combination of fun and regal for your residing monarch.




When not enjoying the view from the top of Vesper's Cat Tower, your cat can seek comfort in its den or get playful with its suspended string toy. The options are endlessly satisfying!




Hagen Vesper


The Cloud Shelf is aptly named. Seemlessly blending into your wall, this cat shelf gives the illusion of your cat peacefully floating on a cloud—in other words, the perfect place to watch the world go by.


Cloud Shelf


Your indoor cat needs to stay on top of the goings-on in your neighbourhood! With this window-mounted bed your cat can bird-watch, monitor any suspicious dogs, or doze in the sun for the pinnacle of catnaps!




For cats who like to keep an eye on things covertly, the Post and Beam house is your ticket. Leading the pack in luxury, this cat house is taking things to the next level.


Davies Decor


Dart in and out of the playful holes or climb to the top of your very own kingdom: it's entirely up to your cat. But what you'll love is how easily Bowsers' Cat Tower stores away for those times when you don't want your cat's possessions taking over the house!



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