Adopt This Kitten! (and her adorable brother!)

Adopt This Kitten!
Adopt This Kitten! (and her adorable brother!)
Orphan kitten adoption & our cover cat!


It doesn’t get much cuter, folks. Luna Lovegood is pretty much the most adorable thing going, what with her Picasso-esque markings and ice blue eyes. This pretty kitten, along with her charming brother Neville Longbottom (best names ever!) are available for adoption through Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association, or VOKRA, for short. This group of kick-ass volunteers is dedicated to trapping feral momma cats and their kittens, spaying and returning the moms, bottle-feeding orphaned babies, and adopting out tamed kittens. Luna and Neville are just two of their rescues.

Found living in the bushes behind a costume store in Vancouver, BC, Luna and her brother definitely didn't have the best start in life. But since being rescued by VOKRA, their progress has been stellar. They’ve both gone from being classed as feral, to semi-feral, to now simply being a little shy. Neville is starting to enjoy being picked up and held like a baby and is quickly learning the delights of being a lap cat. Luna is still a little timid and reserved but she’s working on it—although wary of being on a lap, she starts purring almost immediately. This duo is so sweet together you’ll sometimes find them washing each other’s face at the same time, which makes it look like they’re kissing. When relaxed and happy they are hilarious together, running around, playing with Ping Pong balls, and wrestling before curling up closely for a nap. They’re looking for a calm forever home that will adopt them together and help them grow into the love-y, confident cats they’re destined to be.

Interested in adopting Luna and Neville? Fill out an adoption application (and see more of VOKRA’s adoptable cats and kittens!) at When you adopt cats and kittens from groups like VOKRA that are passionate about rescuing cats from feral lives, you’re helping to solve the problem of homeless street cats.

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