Adopt These Cats!

Adopt These Cats!
Adopt These Cats!
Want more love in your life?


Who doesn’t! Lovable cats from coast to coast are searching for their new best friend. Could one of the cats on this page be for you? Read on to find out…

Kit Kat
Location: WEST COAST — Best Friends Los Angeles
Bio: Kit Kat, seven, is a star at the Best Friends Pet Adoption & Spay/Neuter Center in Mission Hills, CA, known for her gorgeous shiny black fluffy coat and sweet yet sassy attitude. She greets people at the door and loves to be petted. Kit Kat's also great with other cats, so she would fit in well in a multi-feline household. Actually, this gorgeous gal would be a perfect match for any cat lover. If that's you, make sure to meet Kit Kat soon! She's ready to be your best friend now. 
Love Match? For information on adopting Kit Kat, call (818) 643-3989 or email


Location: MIDWEST — Animal Allies in Duluth, Minnesota
Bio: You can’t keep a good cat down, and Captain is no exception! Captain is a handsome red orange tabby cat who recently lost one of his hind legs. This doesn’t stop him from leaping into laps, enjoying snuggle time, or from commandeering dog beds (and treats) though! This sweet boy is about three years old and has adjusted well to his tripod status. Captain is full of hidden treasures and will steal your heart. He loves to cuddle, enjoys the company of other cats, and has an adventurous personality.
Love Match? For information on adopting Captain, call 218-722-5341 or visit



Location: PACIFIC NORTHWEST— Cat Adoption Team, Sherwood, Oregon
Bio: Jag is a lovable, special young cat who is spending his time at the Cat Adoption Team (CAT) in Sherwood, Oregon, while waiting to meet his new family. This little guy is about a year old and super friendly. His favourite pastimes include chasing wand toys and laser pointers, playing with enthusiasm, snuggling, palling around with other cats, and showing off for belly rubs. But there’s something even more unique about Jag. He was born incontinent, and although he had a tail, it was medically necessary to have it amputated. Today, this tailless wonder feels much better, but does need human assistance to empty his bladder. Sure, it’s not his favourite thing in the world, but he doesn’t hold a grudge. Despite facing tough times, Jag has grown into a handsome, affectionate cat who can’t wait to meet his special someone.  
Love Match? For information on adopting Jag, call (503) 925-8903 or email



Location: EAST — Best Friends New York
Bio: Cammy, a three-year-old tabby girl, is the kitty you've been searching for! The perfect combination of affectionate and independent, you'll instantly fall for Cammy's sweet face and lovable personality. Adopt Cammy and find the love of your life from Best Friends New York!
Love Match? For information on adopting Cammy, call 347-76ADOPT or email






Location: WEST — Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah
Bio: As part of Best Friend’s “Single and Loving It” adoption campaign, Abner qualifies for a waived adoption fee and a free flight home, anywhere in the US or Canada! This boy came to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary from a place where it was actually illegal for his animal shelter to find him a home, just because he has FIV. But FIV isn't a scary condition. Cats can live long, full lives with it, and it's very hard for other cats to catch. But Abner doesn't happen to like other cats, so it might be best if he's an “only.” He’d also be okay in a home with one or two cats who would leave him alone, and he'd be great with dogs. Otherwise, Abner is an easygoing soul. Laidback and fairly independent, he's warm-hearted. He does have some pain in his spine, but medicine helps. He enjoys being cuddled and having lap time. And he would sure love the chance to prove that an FIV cat deserves to find love like any other. 
Love Match? For information on adopting Abner, call 435-644-2001, ext. 4223 or email


Location: SOUTH — Atlanta Pet Rescue and Adoption (which will become Best Friends Atlanta on October 1st!)
Bio: Do you work from home and find that you are far too productive? Are you constantly staying on task and ignoring distractions, to the point where life has become predictable and somewhat boring? Well, we have the solution for you! Introducing Elly, the best distraction you'll ever meet! If you take Elly home, she will make absolutely sure that the monotony of everyday life is broken up by exciting play and snuggle sessions. Elly can sense when you've been spending too much time on adult things, and she won't hesitate to remind you that while pens are extremely useful when it comes to doing paperwork or paying bills, they are also a crucial part of the fantastic game of "Cat Bats at the Thing You Are Holding and Trying to do Adult Things With."But wait! There's more! In addition to keeping you from getting too serious with your adult things, Elly is a wonderful stress monitor, intervening with rubs and snuggles from the sweetest kitty you could ever ask for. Elly is here at the shelter waiting to be taken home by someone willing to give her plenty of love and snacks. She does fine around other cats, but would prefer a home without dogs.
Love Match? For information on adopting Elly, call 404-815-6680 or email


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