Adorable Kittens take the field for the Kitten Bowl

Touchdown Kitten
Adorable Kittens take the field for the Kitten Bowl
Watch adorable, adoptable kittens play a great game of football


February 2, 2014 will be a day that we all gather around our tv with some tasty food and watch one of the greatest sporting events on TV - The Kitten Bowl! Stars Tabby Romo, Troy Paw-lamalau, Feline Manning, and Meowshawn Lynch are just a few of the many stars whose atheletic prowess will be featured on the Hallmark Channel's halftime show hosted by cat lover and foster mom, Beth Stern. These utterly adorable kittens will be playing, pouncing, warming the most adorable benches, and enchanting fans during their halftime show.If this wasn't amazing enough, all of these kittens are adoptable through the North Shore Animal League America and will find their forever homes once they have retired from their illustrious football careers.

Check out the entire adorable line-up here.

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