Autumn Cats

Autumn Cats
These Kitties Are Enjoying This Lovely, Golden Season


Autumn is the most wonderful season of the year! Outside, the leaves begin to turn red and gold, and there's that magical nip in the air. These kitties are making the most of this romantic season, whether they are playing in the fallen leaves, basking in the scent of cinnamon and nutmeg, or simply cuddling up in blankets and flannels. - ERM


1) Simba

Time to cozy up in your blankets and knits! That crisp autumn season is here. - Simba submitted by Kayleigh


2) Xerxes

Xerxes looks very autumnal with this background of orange and yellow leaves. - Submitted by Glenn C


3) Sonny


Sonny doesn't look too thrilled to be helping with the annual leaf raking. - Submitted by Sandy H


4) Elsa

Elsa, pictured surrounding herself with a lovely autumn scene. - Submitted by Georges P


5) Prissy

Sure, sunny weather is coming to an end — but now Prissy has an excuse to stay inside and make cozy blanket forts! - Submitted by Candy M


6) Meeka

What is Meeka's favourite part about autumn? The cozy scarves of course - Submitted by Sandra U


7) Noha Panfilo


Noha the Maine Coon loves these bright orange maple leaves. - Submitted by Carolina


8) Poonchic


'Tis the season for rocking flannel, like Poonchic here. - Submitted by Binazir


9) Puss in Boots

Sir Puss enjoys a fall day in Vermont. - Submitted by Bridget


10) Pepper

What's that Pepper smells? Autumn spices waft out of homes, mingling with the scent of rain and autumn leaves. - Submitted by Andronica B

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