The Best Fall Finds 2017

The Best Fall Finds 2017
Start the season off right with these feline must-haves!



Make any day purrfect with the Advice From the Cat Mug! One of many cute gifts for lovers of smart kitties. For gifts for your humans, visit from Enesco.


bioDOGradable Cat Litter Bags, An alternative to Plastic Bags – Certified compostable and biobased as per USDA. Responsible disposal of pet waste is a sustainable act!


Did you know cats are natural "crouch" eaters? Elevated feeders are designed to prevent whisker & stomach stress by allowing your cat to eat in a natural, comfortable position. Recommended by vets. Available at


There has never been a pet fountain that looks or works as well as this one does.  With its elegant shape and modern Rose Gold color, this pet fountain from Pioneer Pet will only add style to your home decor.


Does your furbaby love to lounge? Is she constantly seeking the purrfect catnap spot? Indulge your furry friend with a comfy, cozy, handcrafted Critter Crafting crochet Cat Mat!


Basis Pet bowls and stands are made with 100% human grade materials and are made in the USA. It is independently tested for safety and designed to prevent whisker-stress in cats.

Complete coverage means more time to play. Embrace Pet Insurance takes the stress out of unexpected vet bills. Get a free quote from Embrace today.

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