The Best Way to Maintain your Kitten's Digestive and Overall Health is an Elevated Cat Feeder

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The Best Way to Maintain your Kitten's Digestive and Overall Health is an Elevated Cat Feeder
It has multiple benefits for your pet and for you!


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You may be wondering what’s the deal with this elevated cat feeder. Everybody seems to talk about it lately. Well, it's one of the latest trends in the cat feeding industry. And you should definitely consider getting one for your cat. Why? Because they have multiple health benefits for your adorable purring kitten and for you.

Improving Digestion

First and most importantly, your cat's digestive system will benefit a lot due to the elevated feeder. Her essential and vital activities are eating and drinking water. There's also sleeping, but we'll cover that aspect in a different article.

When the cat eats at ground level, her stomach is crunched and pressed and this creates a very unpleasant feeling for her.

This is where you come in. Your duty is to help her eat better and increase her comfort level. And the only way to achieve that is by using the raised bowls. This way, your kitten eats in a more natural position. Also, she tends to lean less when you place her bowl a little higher than ground level. This helps prevent spine and hip problems in the future.

An elevated cat feeder equals better eating habits 

If the improvement in your cat's digestion is not enough, these raised bowls are also great for changing their eating habits. We all know that cats are picky when it comes to food. There's no chance of keeping track of how many times your cat turned around and walked away from the food bowl; simply because she wasn't in the mood for eating or because something turned her off. How many times did she play around with food or water on the floor? And how often has she spilled everything by accident? Or trying to make it look like an accident? As it turns out, with the elevated feeding stations, they are less likely to piss you off by doing all these things. Well, not as much as they do when we feed them "normally", anyway. Most of all, gulping the food along with air will no longer be an issue and they won't vomit because of that anymore. That will eliminate a lot of inconveniences.


Excellent for old or ill cats

You know by now that acid reflux is a serious issue when it comes to your beloved kitten. This is also an important factor to consider wh

en you are on the lookout for buying an elevated cat feeder. By feeding her above ground level, you diminish the severity of gastroesophageal reflux. And if you're lucky enough to have a cat that doesn't present acid reflux symptoms, you will definitely avoid this problem. But the raised feeder is especially us

eful for the old cats. As they get older, cats tend to eat very little. They can't bend their body as much as they used to. That's because of the weakness in their muscles and joints. Therefore, they don't get enough nutrients. And as a result, the elevated bowls are extremely effective and recommended for the senior cats.

A clean eating station

Once you've tried the elevated bowls set, you'll see how easy it is to keep the feeding station clean. The bowls remain fresh for a longer period. Why is that? Because when you place them on the floor, there's a lot of dirt (or even bugs) coming into contact with the cat's food or water. And lifting them above ground level seems to prevent this annoyance.

You will clean the bowls less often and the food will remain fresh for longer. 

This is great news if you're a lazy person; or if you simply want to save time or money. And who doesn't want that?

Extremely useful for owners with physical impairments

You may have a physical disability that prevents you from bending forward to reach ground level. Or, once again, you might simply be lazy. Whatever the reason, the fact remains that these elevated feeders are an extremely useful choice. They're easier to pick up, refill and clean than the usual bowls.

What to look for in an elevated cat feeder

By now you should have already decided to get your kitten an elevated cat feeder. There are a few things you should take into account before buying it. The first thing to consider is the number of cats that will use it and if the feeder will also include a water bowl as well. It's highly recommended to do so; but if your cat only drinks water from the kitchen faucet, it might not be your case. Also, keep in mind that a deep bowl will decrease the feeder's height since your kitty cat will have to bend over to reach the bottom of the bowl. Because of that, you might want to choose a smaller and flatter dish. Especially relevant in this equation is the feeder's height. And they say the ideal height has to reach the cat's knee (4" to 6"). Who would have thought that your cat's knees play such an important role in their feeding process? Just when you thought you've seen them all...  

By far, the best argument for purchasing the raised feeding station is your kitten's preference. And given the choice, your cat will definitely choose the elevated bowl. Don't take our word for it. Give it a try! Purchase the elevated cat feeder and fill both bowls with food simultaneously. Guess which one she'll pick?


Purchase one today! 



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