The Easy Way to Turn Your Backyard into a Safe, Secure Catio

The Easy Way to Turn Your Backyard into a Safe, Secure Catio
Outdoor enrichment made safe


Having outdoor access provides your cat with a whole lot of stimulation—birds, bugs, sounds, and smells that they aren’t otherwise exposed to. But allowing your cat to go outside puts her at serious risk of getting lost, injured, hit by a car, or attacked by other animals. But what if you could provide safe outdoor access? The Cat Containment Kit from Easy Pet Fence lets you convert your enclosed backyard into a safe catio for your cat. If your yard is already fully fenced in with no gaps or holes for cats to sneak through, but still has potential escape routes for cats who like to climb, then this system may be your solution! By attaching to the top of your pre-existing fence (or any structure, like the wall of your house, shed or garage, that comprises part of your yard’s perimeter), it prevents your cat from climbing up and out of your yard. The nifty Cat Containment extended overhangs block potential escape routes so your cat no longer has the option of scaling a wall or fence, allowing for safe, enclosed outdoor playtime in your own backyard!

*Outdoor cats have a tremendously diminished life expectancy; some statistics suggest that, on average, free-roaming outdoor cats live less than 5 years as compared to the 12 – 15 (and even 18 – 20) years enjoyed by indoor-only cats.

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