The Good News - Firefighters Rescue Kitten from Deck

Firefighters Rescue Kitten
The Good News - Firefighters Rescue Kitten from Deck
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We often get disheartened when we see stories of animal abuse or neglect, so we are taking action and celebrating The Good News in this new feature. Too often, stories of good work on behalf of animals fly too far under the radar, and we want to shed light on these amazing animal advocates. 

After hearing a small meow coming from her backyard Annette Lusk went outside to discover that a tiny kitten was trapped in a hole in her deck. She called the authorities and 3 firefighters, Fire Apparatus Operator Manny Souza, Firefighter Joe Van Walraven and Captain Sean Holbrook, came to the scared, sweet little kitten's rescue. After an hour of extraction, the kitten was shaken up, but otherwise fine. She was taken to a vet, and given the all clear, health-wise. This little sweetheart is now named Trapper and happy in her new forever home. We couldn't have asked for a happier ending! These firefighters are real heroes for taking so much care and time to ensure the safety of this innocent creature.

 Read the whole story from My News 4 here.

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Thanks for sharing such an great, uplifting story !

There ARE some wonderful people out there and many of them are firefighters.

Great, three hunks and a kitten ! What MORE could a person want !

Thu, 10/23/2014 - 14:38

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