The Good News - Firefighters rescue kitten in storm drain

Kitten rescued from storm drain
The Good News - Firefighters rescue kitten in storm drain
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We often get disheartened when we see stories of animal abuse or neglect, so we are taking action and celebrating The Good News in this new feature. Too often, stories of good work on behalf of animals fly too far under the radar, and we want to shed light on these amazing animal advocates. 

A little black kitten is recovering at a Pasadena shelter after a tight rescue by firefighters from a storm drain. This little 4 month kitten has been named "Lucky" after a report came in that there was a cat trapped in a drain pipe. Officials sent one man and a breathing apparatus down a three foot wide hole in search of the trapped kitten. After the cat was safely brought up to the surface, a notice was put out looking for his owner, but no one stepped forward, and Lucky is waiting for his future human to take him home and keep him safe. 

Read more about this amazing rescue from the Pasadena Star News

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