“Green” Your Cat

“Green” Your Cat
“Green” Your Cat
Easy ways to go green


It’s easy to make your cat into a tree-hugger. Simple swaps can greatly reduce your kitty’s impact on the environment without depriving them of their favourite things. And going green can actually improve their health and wellbeing, which is a sweet side benefit of your eco-enthusiasm.

1. One of your first stops should be the litter box (give it a scoop while you’re there!). Conventional clay cat litter can damage paws, especially in kittens, and is also the product of earth-unfriendly mining practices. Switch to one made from wheatgrass, corn or recycled newspaper. One Modern Cat recommended litter to try is the wheat-based Swheat Scoop ($30, swheatscoop.com).

2. Be sure to check the label on your pet food as well. Whether your cat prefers dry kibble or canned food, try to choose a brand that nixes artificial flavours—they are bad for your cat as well as the environment. (You should consult with your veterinarian before making any food decisions.)

3. Playtime is a great time to go green. Consider eco-friendly options like organic catnip when selecting new toys for your cat. Scratching posts come in a wide variety of eco-options, such as those made from recycled cardboard or organic seagrass. Try SmartyKat’s Scratchpod ($18, smartykat.com) made with recycled materials.

4. Naptime, too, presents many eco options. From recycled materials to organic cottons, there are some great choices where cuddling up is concerned, like West Paw’s comfy Bumper Beds, the stuffing of which is made from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles. Good for the earth, good for your feline!

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