Playful Cats

Playful Cats


These kitties love playing!


1) Maggie

Little Maggie loves playing with her stuffed toy! - Submitted by Kathleen R


2) Fritz Tiger

Fritz Tiger is worn out! He is taking a snooze after a hard afternoon of playing with his favourite toys. - Submitted by Monica H


3) Cupcake

Cupcake is so cute and snuggly with all of her stuffies! - Submitted by Donna K


4) Nala

Nala posing with her sheep pal. - Submitted by Francine F


5) Peppie

Peppie is blending right in with her two buddies. - Submitted by Hailey


6) Milo

Milo is caught mid-play for a cute photo! - Submitted by Michelle M


7) Willie the Rascal and Pudge

Two tabbies getting down to the serious business of play. - Submitted by Sam B


8) Tiger Hills

Tiger is having a great time playing with his puzzle. - Submitted by Marian H


9) Sabre

Sabre takes a break from playing to pose for a cute shot. - Submitted by Anne


10) Little Man aka Fuzz Lightyear

This pic of Little Man, aka Fuzz Lightyear, is so sweet! - Submitted by Crystal C


11) Daisy

Daisy playing with her little catnip toy. - Submitted by Marilyn W

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Looks like to me our sweet Daisy has large paws. and a loving heart!!
Thu, 07/20/2017 - 13:03

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