Tech Savvy Cats

Tech Savvy Cat
Tech Savvy Cats
Try to keep these kitties away from technology!


Our world is becoming increasingly tech-dependent, and everyone loves to be at their computers, televisions, or iPhones! These tech savvy kitties don't appear to be an exception.

Photos submitted by participants in our Photocontest.


1) Bluey

Aw, come on, five more minutes! - Bluey submitted by Jerrie G


2) Clarice

Sorry, Mom. This is my computer now! - Clarice submitted by Tyna


3) Howard

Everyone knows cats rule the interwebs! - Howard submitted by Kellie M


4) Mandrake

I'm looking for a new screensaver... do you think a slideshow of flying birds would be too distracting? - Mandrake submitted by Kat C


5) Nicodemus von WittyKitty

I've finally located the notorious criminal squirrel —wanted for looking pretty dang delicious! Cancel all my appointments for the week. - Nicodemus von WittyKitty submitted by TwirlyGirly


6) Polly

All right, I give up. There are just too many buttons for me to handle. - Polly submitted by Rehana S-L 


7) Sheldon

Okay, I've almost caught all the Pokemon on my Gameboy... I can't bring myself to capture Meowth, though! - Sheldon submitted Anonymously


8) Slinky

"Good afternoon, Modern Cat Magazine, how may I help you? I'm fine, thanks, how are you? It's nearly the end of the day... I'm slowing down... zzzzz..." - Slinky submitted by Rus C


9) Snow and Mocha

A computer to play with, a sister to sit on... what else could a kitty ask for? - Snow and Mocha submitted by Tanya D


10) Twinkle

All right, it's time to shut down and spend a couple hours outside! - Twinkle submitted by Jean E


11) Eddie

Okay, but... five more minutes? - Eddie submitted by Emma

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