Laddie: A Cat's Tale

Laddie: A Cat's Tale
March 20, 2017 by Modern Pets

Comical cat memoir meets hope-filled faith parable in this new release written by the cat with a little help from his (human) friends. Laddie is one of those rare finds that’s for both kids and adults. Because let’s face it—for better or worse, everyone in the house knows the cat.

 “By turns touching and laugh-out-loud funny…move over, Garfield!  There’s a new cool cat in town.” ~ Mary Beth Grover, former Senior  Editor, Forbes

 “A beautiful story for readers everywhere. Kids will be drawn into  Laddie the cat’s world and leave with and understanding of the changing power of love…” ~ Ashley Sherman, MSW, M.Ed., K-12  Licensed School Counselor

 We all know about cats, right? They have nine lives. They always  lands on their feet.

 But what if a cat really only has one life? And he’s just been tossed off  a cruise ship. And he does not land on his feet.

 Meet Laddie, an uppity noble British cat who spends his days  scarfing  down fancy food and reading cat gossip magazines. When his mother,  the famous feline opera diva Catarina von Caterwaul, invites him on  her tour to New York City via luxury  cruise, Laddie is delighted to  come along.

 But upon arrival, Laddie “accidentally” tumbles into cold, murky  New  York Harbor. He crawls out of the water with nothing but  the drenched  designer clothing on his back. Then he’s bullied by  a ragtag urban cat  gang just itching to throw him right back  where he came from. Except  there’s no going back for Laddie.

 So curl up in a chair, put on a cat-like, expectant stare and come  along on Laddie’s journey from a British countryside estate  through  the mean streets of Manhattan to suburban Raleigh.  And see that yes,  we can land on our feet. But it’s often by way  of divine intervention in  places and through people (and cats) we never expect.

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