New Cat Toys From Nekochan Provide Interactive Play For Cats And Cat Parents

New Cat Toys From Nekochan Provide Interactive Play For Cats And Cat Parents
August 29, 2016 by Modern Pets


Cats in the wild will spend as much as 20 hours a day sleeping while dedicating their remaining time to hunting or teaching their young to hunt. This active time not only provides food, but also the physical and mental stimulation that is important to their overall well-being.

The same is true for indoor domesticated cats except they no longer need to hunt for their food. Without this stimulation and exercise cats can suffer from stress and anxiety, which can lead to problems such as weight gain, behavior issues and other health troubles. Nekochan’s interactive wand toy lines: Neko Flies, Neko Birbug and the U J I Cat Tunnel System can solve this problem by providing the kind of stimulation and interactive exercise needed to keep indoor cats happy and healthy.

“I developed these interactive toys with help and guidance from my own cats,” says Ellen Tsuyuki, President of Nekochan Enterprises. “I realized that cats never get bored with hunting the real thing, so I set out to create wand toys that looked and moved like my cats’ favorite prey. I then went on to create the U J I Cat Tunnel System, which is a great engagement tool for curious kitties to play hide and seek with their pet parents. These interactive toys are fun for both cats and their cat parents.”

Nekochan offers a wide selection of very realistic wand toys that are designed to provide many hours of interactive exercise and fun. Each toy is hand crafted to be as realistic as possible using only cat-safe materials.

One of Nekochan’s newest products is the U J I Cat Tunnel System ($55 - $75) This system is comprised of three different shaped ( U, J, I ) tunnels that can be zipped together to create over 20 different shape combinations making it easy for the tunnels to conform to the size and shape of home and furnishings. Once introduced to the tunnels cats and owners will find that they are great for the kind of interactive play that can be so enriching. Neko Flies toys can be dangled through the openings in the tunnels leading to many hours of energetic and entertaining mischief for both pet parent and kitty.

The tunnels can also create a safe passageway to food or the litter box and make a great hideaway for shy cats. Constructed from a premium, plush polyester with a soft durable inner lining, these tunnels are built to last and can be easily rinsed clean when soiled. Each tunnel has built-in safety pockets for buttons and loops preventing cats from chewing or swallowing them. The tunnels are sold separately and include a stylish compact carry bag.

“Our goal is to create products that will both keep cats entertained and provide them with the exercise that they need while providing an enriching interactive experience for everyone,” added Tsuyuki. “Cats can be fickle creatures, but even the most finicky cat won’t be able to resist these toys - I know because I spent many hours with my cats developing them.”

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