The NoBowl Feeding System: Inspired by Nature. Based in Science. Loved by Cats.

The NoBowl Feeding System: Inspired by Nature. Based in Science. Loved by Cats.
September 19, 2016 by Modern Pets


Hunting makes cats happy.  Cats need to hunt for their food, not be served from a bowl.

That is why veterinarian Dr. Liz Bales designed The NoBowl Feeding System ™ - the first indoor hunting system for cats!

The NoBowl Feeding System ™ has the training system you need to safely transition your cat off of bowl feeding, so that your cat can begin to hunt for its food (any dry food or treat) the way nature intended - no more bowl.

The NoBowl Feeding System ™ is a complete feeding system.  It comes with…

  1. The Portion Filler - for a guide to healthy portions
  2. The Trainer – Hunting is innate, but technique is taught from mother to kitten.  The trainer introduces your cat to NoBowl Feeding in a fun and low stress way.
  3. 5 Complete NoBowls ™ – Naked NoBowl ™ + NoBowl Original Skin ™.  Each complete NoBowl ™ is designed to roll in the way that prey rolls and the tactile skin allows your cat to engage its teeth and claws in the hunt. 

Once trained, you measure your cats daily dry food, split it between the 5 NoBowls ™, and hide them. Your cat will get the many benefits of hunting for its food - portion control, exercise, the ability to feed its innate predatory instincts at meal time, the ability to control its own feeding schedule, hunting day and night, and more.

When cats innate hunting needs are met, they are less stressed and are much less likely to behave badly - scarf and barf, urinate outside of the litter box, destroy things or be aggressive.

Feed the need. Lose the bowl.

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