Snappy Tom: "Real Fish for Real Cats"

Snappy Tom: "Real Fish for Real Cats"
August 31, 2015 by Modern Pets

Snappy Tom is an iconic Australian brand that was launched over 40 years ago in 1965 in Adelaide. It quickly became Australia's favorite cat food by offering real fish pieces that cats love. Now Snappy Tom can be found around the world, including Canada and the United States.

At Snappy Tom, we’re all about giving your pet the absolute best, that’s why our motto is “Real Fish for Real Cats”. Our tasty selections of flavours contain real fish pieces and real chunks of meat, creating the perfect taste and texture your cat will love!

Snappy Tom’s premium canned “Lites” and “Pouches” cat food is all-natural, delicious, and formulated to keep your cat healthy, energetic and strong. With added Taurine, Vitamins, and Minerals, Snappy Tom is a COMPLETE MEAL that provides real nutrition your cat needs to get through their day & have real fun.

Our Ultimates Nutrition Plus premium cat food is specially formulated based on a cat's specific life stages…kitten, adult and senior. Nutrition Plus is all-natural and formulated for a delicate digestive system. Real fish provides protein, omega fatty acids and tempting flavor while antioxidants promote a strong immune system for a healthier, happier cat.

Our Snappy Tom Litter Crystal instantly absorbs liquid and immobilizes bacteria, leaving the litter dry and odor-free with a fresh scent. Snappy Tom all natural anti-bacterial cat litter is super-absorbent, is easy to maintain, dust-free, non-toxic, and non-tracking. It’s safe for the environment and is available in natural and lavender scent.

So whether it’s premium food or high quality litter, your cat will be happy when you choose Snappy Tom!

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