DIY Suitcase Cat Bed

DIY Suitcase Cat Bed
May 28, 2022 by Modern Cat Magazine

This is a DIY project for those crafters out there who aren`t afraid to go searching for the perfect item in a vintage store. If your cats are anything like ours, they absolutely love siting on or in suitcases. Maybe it is the knowledge that their companions might be leaving them soon, but as soon as the suitcase is pulled out, it becomes the hottest spot in the house. 

This Chic on the Cheap Pet Bed from Brooklyn Limestone is a stylish project that will satisfy your cat`s ongoing desire to sit in a box. We found it a little sad (funny) that the blogger`s cat didn`t want to use the gorgeous, reversible pillow she spent a significant amount of time crafting. Classic cats. Still, the suitcase bed itself was a home run and would be a chic addition to any home. 

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