Call of the Cats: What I Learned About Life and Love from a Feral Colony

Call Of The Cats

Sometimes life has plans for you—a course you couldn’t possibly have anticipated—and by stepping up to the unexpected challenge you find yourself right where you were supposed to be. This is exactly what happened when Andrew Bloomfield found himself crashing on the couch of an ex-girlfriend’s modest bungalow in Southern California, his Hollywood dreams thus far dashed. When he discovers the wild perimeter of his new backyard is home to a colony of feral cats, he slowly finds himself drawn into their care, a financially ruinous, sleep-depriving mission that consumes 20 years and utterly transforms both him and his life’s trajectory. In his resonate memoir Bloomfield describes the tumultuous saga—the challenges, joys, rewards, and transformative life lessons learned in caring for this wild group of felines.

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