Cat Life

Cat Life
Halloween Cat
Cats in Windows

Cats in Windows

Mishu Honey Arya Lincoln Miabella Anna Timmie Leo and Picatso Mia Singh Lumen Sir Tungsten Maxwell of East Hill more
How to Pet a Cat

BuzzFeed's How to Pet a Cat Chart

BuzzFeed has posted hilarious "how to" charts for petting popular animals. Full of handy advice as always, see all of them here. Obviously, the cat one is our...more
Cat Memes

More Modern Cat Memes

Face Hug

Sleepy Face Hug

Lincoln AJ Oliver Lyle William of Orange Dorian Joey Lily Peanut Skippy Kirby Punkin Smokey   more
Sleeping Cats

Champion Sleeping Cats

1) Mazli   2) Ernie   3) Juicey   4) Buddy   5) Logan   6) Stark   7) Cosmo   8) Jazmine   9) Louie   10) Whiskey...more

Quick way to more cats on your computer

Not enough cats on the internet for you? We hear you. Finally, someone has stepped up to address this problem with a nifty desktop application that allows you...more
Lessons in cat gifs

9 Things My Cat Taught Me

9. Sunbeams deserve more attention than I currently give them 8. The anticipation of dinner often exceeds the experience of eating it 7. Having a short...more
Cat Memes

More Cat Memes

via Cheezburger via Cat Addicts Anony-mouse via Meme Generator via Chompsy via We Know Memes via QuickMeme via Zip Meme via We Know Memes via...more
Cats in Sunbeams

Cats in Sunbeams

Presented by Modern Dog magazine   Chester Haley Buttons Luna and Brownie Elee Twinkie Nelson Mathayus Wicket Fuzzypants Little-Foot Lucas...more
Sleeping Beauties

Sleeping Beauties

Birdie and Renee Pippin and Gerald Gaara and Sierra Chairman Meow and Sheri Nate and Brad Link and Tim Rain and Bill Bacon and Marissa Skotch and...more


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Meet: Mr No Ears