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Cat Life
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Emergency Plan for Your Pet

Emergency Plan for Your Pet

When a disaster suddenly strikes it can be frightening for everyone, including your pet. The best thing you can do for you and your pet’s safety is to be...more
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Shelter Cats

10 Ways You Can Help Shelter Cats

1. Put a donation box out in your office for gently used collars, cat toys, towels, and other pet items, as well as any new-item donations your co-workers care...more
Toilet Train Your Cat

How to Toilet Train Your Cat

We’ve all heard about cats that have given up the old litter box for a more civilized venue in which to powder their noses. I have actually seen this...more
Modern Cat Cutest Couple Photo

13 Totally Adorable Cat Couples

De-Cat thumbnail

De-Cat Your Home

Problem #1 You’re over-run with cat toys, tripping over them en route to the bathroom and almost wiping out on that under-foot catnip ball while serving...more
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The Expressive Cat

The frenzied schedule of college life made it impossible for Julie to care for a pet of her own. But when she graduated, landed a job, and moved into her own...more
Tent by Go Pet Design

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The Ragdoll

The Ragdoll

For a breed that is known for becoming heavy and ragdoll-like when picked up (hence the name), the Ragdoll is actually a laid-back cat with a great disposition...more
Maine Coon

The Maine Coon

The Maine Coon’s behaviour, personality, and loyalty are particularly doglike for a cat. A relatively modern breed, its development goes back just over two...more


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