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Cat Life
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Does Your Cat Need A Friend?

Does Your Cat Need A Friend?

How to tell if your cat wants a buddy, how to choose the right friend, and how to arrange a meet-cute between them more

6 Ways To Make Your Litter Box Better

­Step up your litter box game with these six ways to make life a little easier & better more

The Easy Way to Turn Your Backyard into a Safe, Secure Catio

Outdoor enrichment made safe more

How To Enrich Your Cat’s Home Environment

Your home may be beautiful, but is it a barren zone for your cat?  Here’s what your cat needs… more

Pretzel The Cat Owes Her Life To A Generous, Online Community

How an online community rallied around one very special cat, covering her $10,000 surgery so she could go on to brighten days and help others more
Tricia Helfer Knows Cats

Tricia Helfer Knows Cats

And she wants to help you understand them too more
Love Cats, Will Travel

Love Pets And Travel? Trusted Housesitters Lets You Combine Both!

Stay in amazing locales around the world for free, simply by looking after someone’s pets! more

More Cat Tummies Than You Can Handle!

Too-cute tummy shots submitted by our fantastic readers more

9 Ways To Make Your Old Cat Feel Young

Age is just a number more

How To Stop Pesky Night-Time Meowing

In case you've had enough of your furry alarm clock more


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