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Toys Your Dog Will Love You Like CRAZY For

Toys Your Cat Will Go CRAZY For!

Keep your cat engaged and entertained with these Modern Cat tried and tested awesome toys! more

Jewelry Made of Cat Hair? Indeed

Make a bold statement with wearable cat hair more

"Wine" For Cats

"Wine" for cats makes quality cat-time all the more interesting more

We're In Love With These Too-Cute Patches

We're in love with these too-cute patches! more

Dog People, Cat People: There Really Is A Difference, Facebook Study Shows

Facebook data analysis finds some truth to long-held stereotypes more
Stuff We Love—Fall/Winter 2016

Stuff We Love—Fall/Winter 2016

Modern Cat staffers’ picks of the litter more
Kitty olympics

Is Your Feline Fit Enough For The Olympics?

Get her ready with these podium perfect picks! more
cat people

Cat People, Dog People—There Really Is A Difference, Facebook Study Shows

Facebook does the research to find out more

Here's Your Ticket To Cute—Emoji Kittens

Combining adorable kittens and hilarious emojis! more

Larry, Chief Mouser Of #10 Downing Street, Will Continue Catching Mice At Parilament

Despite changes in parliament this famous feline is staying put! more


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