Fave Finds

Fave Finds
DJ Whiskers in the house!
Record Player Scratching Pad

Get the perfect accessory for your hipster cat: a record player! This awesome record player shaped scratching pad from Suck UK is guaranteed to delight both you and your cat. We love when things for your pet are useful and fun to look at! And who knows, maybe your cat will become the next big internet sensation by learning some mad skills on this great toy!

Cat Wearing Vintage Glasses iPhone Case

This Cat in Vintage Glasses iPhone case is the perfect antidote to a bad mood. How utterly adorable is this little guy? He is just so happy. Our props to the Etsy shop 1 Vintage Soul for their creation. 

Buy a cute T-shirt, help save shelter animals with Jusani and ResQThreads.com
Adopt a Cat Tuxedo T-shirt

This Tuxedo Cat Shirt is really adorable. The cherry on top? The shirt is for sale by an organization called Jusani, who are committed to saving the lives of shelter pets. It is designed by ResQThreads, an organziation dedicated to making pet adoption the norm. This shirt is available in women's styles as well, but any many who proudly displays his cat love is aces in our books. Jusani has a lot of really cool products that you can buy to support their work, or you can also show support by liking them on Facebook and telling your friend about their great work. - LC

T-Bone Beef Scented Cat Toys

Give your cat a toy that pays homage to their status as obligate carnivores. These adorable T-bone Steak Toys from The Gallant Grizzly on Etsy make for a super sweet treat. Available in either beef-scented or catnip-filled, your cat will thank you for it! 

A must-have for the winter season!
Adorable Cat Toque with Pom Poms

I'm in love with this adorable Cat Toque with Pom Poms from Knits for Life. Absolutely perfect for stylishly roaring down a snow-capped hill on a tobaggan, or for curling up next to a crackling fire with a great book. It's just too darn cute. - LC


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