Fave Finds

Fave Finds

These gorgeous, unique cat collars by Color Pet Products are handwoven and rainbow-bright, complete with nickel-plated D-rings and a break-away "Kitty Klip", which is countoured for comfort. Available in cool geometric patterns including Yucatan, Ocean, Southwest, and Diamonds, these MAYA MEOW collars are designed so that the "Kitty Klip" will release if restrained. Add some colour to your cat's accessories with Color Pet Products and their MAYA MEOW collars! - ERM

Practical Handbook of Veterinary Homeopathy

The Practical Handbook of Veterinary Homeopathy: Healing Our Companion Animals from the Inside Out by Wendy Thacher Jensen, D.V.M., is a great introduction to homeopathy for animals. Oftentimes, pets can suffer from chronic diseases or repeating illnesses, meaning they require frequent or lifelong medical doses, resulting in dependence on the medication. This fascinating book advocates for the reduction of animals' dependence on medication by introducing pet owners to homeopathic methods and real-life success stories.


These handsome litter boxes by CURIO can be used either as a modern cat litter box solution or as a cat house! Blending beautifully into your living space, CURIO boxes are both gorgeous and practical, built from real wood that is pre-finished and water resistant for easy-cleaning. Built with moisture wicking dual-vented design for maximum odor control, CURIO litter boxes are also super easy to assemble, and are available in both maple and walnut. Our personal favourite is the Walnut & Pattern design, which is also screen printed with a stylish, mid-century-inspired pattern on the two side panels. - ERM

Sweet Pickles Slumber Party Pet Bed

We love Sweet Pickles Designs, and have previously featured their adorable printed bow ties in our Spring/Summer 2017 issue as well as on our website! Right now we're also really loving their brand new  Slumber Party Pet Beds, which come in gorgeous graphic prints including "Black Bird", "Folklore", and "Garden Floral". These bright and colourful beds are crazy stylish and comfortable, made from high quality cotton canvas with a beautiful Rifle Paper Co. Fabric top. They are stuffed with a down-like hypoallergenic filling, and are conveniently machine-washable. On top of this, the covers can be swapped out for other Sweet Pickles Designs covers, so that you can easily switch up your new pet bed's style! - ERM

My Four Cats Designs

My Four Cats Designs is offering aesthetically pleasing yet wonderfully functional products for your cats homey needs. The beautiful Cat Cottages (pictured above) come in a variety of colours and can be adorned by personalized name plates to perfectly fit your unique kitty's personality. 

In addition to the Cat Cottages, My Four Cats Designs also offers their Cat Trees, unique and beautiful scratching posts. As well as Cat Chalets - outdoor PVC or treated Pine cat houses for those whose cats prefer the great outdoors and don't always come back inside the house each night. All of the My Four Cats Designs products are not only functional for your furry friends but also lovely to look at. Check them out and kick your home decor up a notch all while making your feline companion happy as can be. 


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