Fave Finds

Fave Finds
CocoTherapy’s Cat Hairball Plus

We love this one-ingredient solution to keep hairballs at bay—CocoTherapy’s Cat Hairball Plus. Made with high-fibre organic coconut, no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or fillers, it increases stool bulk to help waste pass through more efficiently. It also reduces hairballs at the source by supporting healthy skin and coat—that means less shedding. I like that it helps my cat’s digestion move hairballs through his system instead of barfing them up onto the carpet. Less mess and a happier cat! 

Pet Jerseys for NFL Superfans

We get that your pet is as serious about the game as you are. Shouldn’t your furry friend have the best team jersey in the industry? The Premium Pet Jersey features dyed-to-match team color dazzle fabric and authentic team uniform graphics including full sleeve striping, numbers and collar decoration. Check out Lyle sporting his Dallas Cowboys pride! This Jersey lets you both head to the tailgate in style! 

Huge range of teams available in sizes XS-XL, $29.99, from Little Earth.

Vetericyn Plus Feline Wound & Skin Care

It may not be a glamourous topic, but keeping your cat clean when they hurt is important, especially with eye irritations and any cuts or scratches. Vetericyn makes safe and effective topical solutiosn for the care of wounds and irritations on your pets, including hot spots, scratches, skin rashes and post-surgical sites. It is 100% non-toxic, contains no steroids, antibiotics, alcohols or tea tree oil. My sister's cat has some skin irritation where she'd been pulling her fur and Vetericyn Plus Feline Wound & Skin Care helped keep the area clean while her hair grew back. 

Suitical Recovery Suit

My best friend just got a kitten (named Thistledown) which means she had to go in to get neutered. Unfortunately the procedure didn't go smoothly, which left little Thistle with a larger wound than normal. Instead of the cone of shame, she used Suitical Recovery Suit which has a stretchy fabric for easy mobility without restriction. 

Glyco Flex Plus Joint Support

One of my cats is getting on in years and it's difficult to watch her struggle to jump on the couch or climb the stairs. I spoke to my vet who suggested trying a supplement that contained glucosamine. I did some research and found these delicious chicken liver flavoured bite-sized chews for cats with a variety of joint issues, ranging from tissue support to recovery support. Glyco Flex Plus Joint Support for Cats from VetriScience is specifically formulated to meet the needs of cats with joint health and mobility issues.


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