Fave Finds

Fave Finds
pyropet candles

Pyropet Candles are beautiful candles in geometric animal shapes. You can get deer, rabbits, cats and little chicks. I have the black kisa, and she's beautiful. They are quiet larger, and have a spooky secret: inside the candle, there are metal skeltons. According to the company, the idea came to Icelandic designer Thorunn Arnadottir one Christmas when she saw a forlorn Santa Claus candle with his head half melted away. She wondered how she could elevate this common-place ritual sacrifice into a true theatre of the macabre. Let me assure you, she was successful. For the first time, watching a candle melt out of shape is not daunting or disappointing, but rather an exciting prospect.

Floyd the Lion

Floyd The Lion is a Persian cat with a lion heart and a product line that includes clothing as soft as his fur and products as cool as his cat vibes. I couldn't resist the World In Floyd's Paws tee. This cat is downright majestic. Definitely visit their Online Shop for more awesome designs and products!

-- Jessica Palmer

Cat Vs. Human

In another hilarious instalmant of Yasmine Surovec's Cat Vs. Human series, Cat Vs. Human: Fairy Tails, Rapunzel's prince comes to rescue... his cats. Sleeping Beauty's true love's first kiss comes not from a prince but from a curious kitty. In this charming collection, classic fairy tales are whimsically interpreted through the adorable lens of CAT vs. HUMAN. You won't be disappointed with this charming, cat-tastic read. 



Catch me if you can! Your cat will meow in delight as it tries to catch the P.L.A.Y.'s Peek-a-Boo Mouse Toy. The fuzzy mouse pops up, hides and even reverses in direction to ensure your feline friend stays entertained for hours! Stimulate your cat’s curiosity and senses by changing up the speed of the mouse and watch as your cat purrs in delight.

miso handmade

This adorable kitty donut is made for fun! Stuffed with over 1/4 cup Organic Catnip and topped with a shiny jingle bell, your cat will love playing with Miso Handmade Kitty Donut and you'll feel good about supporting an artist. Choose from 5 different colours or a fun "surprise me!" option!


Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears