Video: Cat + Shark Costume + Robot Vacuum

Video: Cat + Shark Costume + Robot Vacuum
Video: Cat + Shark Costume + Robot Vacuum
How could you NOT look?


Meet Your Second-Best Friend (After Your Cat)

The latest robot vacuum is here to make your dreams of effortless housekeeping a reality

You may already be familiar with the Roomba robot vacuum thanks to its starring role in the Youtube videos of a cat dressed as a shark riding a Roomba. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

For the unacquainted, this smart little robot vacuum navigates your home and picks up dirt and pet hair without you lifting a finger! Having a cat generally means battling cat hair, so we were instantly sold on the robot vacuum concept and at this point we're self-professed super-fans of both the Roomba and the blasé internet cat that rounds his house on one. We recently tested out the newest model, the Roomba 980, and with its new features and improved performance, it’s a dream come true for anyone who loves a clean home but isn’t so keen on cleaning it themselves. Yes, it will set you back $900 (other Roomba models are less expensive), but the Roomba 980 boasts tons of innovative new features to make your life easier. Case in point? App powered vacuuming. Say you’re at work and, surprise, you find out your mom will be stopping by that evening. With the Roomba Home App, you can not only pre-schedule cleaning, but also start an emergency vacuuming session when faced with unexpected visitors—simple as a tap on your phone!

The vacuum also features a HEPA-style filter to trap dirt, dust, and allergens, keeping air clean. And unlike us, it works tirelessly until the job is done, automatically recharging itself when necessary. It adjusts to different flooring without losing a beat: carpet, hardwood, tile—no problem! And don’t worry about it falling down the stairs; this cleaning machine has sensors and its intuitive memory keeps it working on track to get the whole job done. Perhaps the best part, though, is that it tackles those hard to reach spots. With its sleek design, the Roomba 980 fits neatly under furniture, beds, and sofas, ensuring every inch of your house is ultra-tidy and free of cat hair. We wouldn’t necessarily recommend letting your cat take this model out for a spin, but if she can’t resist a joyride, we highly suggest capturing it on video! 


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