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peace love

For Animal's Sake T-Shirt

There are a few things we need in life: peace, love, and cats. Summing up these necessities is this adorable top from For Animal's Sake. Not just guaranteed to...more
dog dare

Triple Dog Dare T-shirt

If I could wear this shirt every day, I would. With an adorably feisty kitty and ultra-soft fabric, this go-to top from Shred My Couch will have people talking...more
next gen

Next Gen Pet Economical Litter

Thought natural clumping cat litters were always expensive? Think again! Next Gen Pet offers a range of litters that are not just economical (with a litter for...more
window kitty

Unique Cat Seat From WindowKitty

Your cat deserves the best seat in the house, and she'll likely find it even if you don't offer it! To save yourself from destroyed windowsills and blinds,...more

Vesper V-Playstation

Your cat is going to love this one. The V-Playstation from Vesper has all the things your cat loves: multiple scratching surfaces, a soft cusion, and a ball...more

Natural Supplements For Cats

Your cat's health is always a priority, and supplements are a great way of ensuring they get everything they need. With Vetalogica's line of Cat Supplements...more

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

Your cat probably has more pent up energy than you're aware of! Let her release some by going for a run—spin—around the One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel. The...more

Adorable Cat-Themed T-Shirts

We can't get enough of these way-too-cute t-shirts from Squarepaws! All three designs are impossibly cute and totally hilarious, but we're particularly fond of...more
pet giftbox

Pet Gift Box Monthly Subscription

Just imagine the look on your cat's face when a box of surprises comes to the door with her name on it! Full of all kinds of cat pleasing goodies like toys,...more
character cats

Opera Cat Note Cards

Lost for words? Let an Opera Cat say it—or sing it—for you. Character Cats' handmade notecards are a perfect way to say something special to a friend or loved...more


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