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Max & Marlow 3-in-1 Playset

What can't the Max & Marlow 3-in-1 playset do? With a basket and tube for playing or lounging, as well as a sisal scratcher and a spring-activated bird toy...more
Cats Incredible Litter

Cats Incredible Litter

Looking for a better smelling litter box? Cats Incredible Litter from Lucy Pet Products stops ammonia from forming in your litter box, keeping it smelling...more
messy cat

Messy Cats Litter Mat

Let's face it, owning a cat can be a messy though rewarding experience. Thankfully, Messy Cats have found the solution to at least one common litter box...more

Catnip Kicks

Got a cat who likes to hug, wrestle and bunny-kick her toys? Then these Catnip Kicks from Peach Pet Provisions are sure to please! Filled with just the right...more

Oven-Baked Cat Food

Your cat will love Oven-baked Tradition cat food! Made with fish or chicken and available for cats in all stages of life, this tasty cat food is packed with...more
my buddy pal

Rescue Pet Greeting Cards

When you're struggling to find the right words let a cat say it for you! My Buddy Pal makes humourous and thoughtful greeting cards for all occasions, and have...more

Zaworski Custom Cat Paintings

Zaworski Art creates custom works of art that feature your favourite subject—your cat! Because there's no better way to decorate a room than a unique portrait...more

Rattino Cat Scratcher

It's a cat scratcher shaped like a mouse's head, how could your cat not love it? The Rattino cat scratcher from Cattino—handmade from Baltic Birch—will satisfy...more

Beco Eco-Friendly Pet Toys

For the fiesty, environment-loving cats in your life look no further than Beco Pets Cat Toys! These adorable little creatures (Freddie the fish, Bertie the...more
xmas tree

Potted Plant Defender

If your household contains cats and plants then you've probably come home to find a floor covered in dirt (a less than desirable situation!) To help protect...more


Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears