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critter crafting

Crocheted Cat Blankets

The awesome and supremely talented Christine Csencsitz crochets blankets for animal shelters! Over time she realized just how much she loves the craft and her...more

Kitty Holster Walking Vest

Sometimes your indoor cat wants to take a little stroll outside. With a Kitty Holster harness you can put a leash on your cat and roam safely. Also great for...more
jackson galaxy

Jackson Galaxy Laser Wand Toy

Got a cat who loves chasing flies around your house? Then she's sure to love the Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Wand with Laser. Just imagine how much fun you'll have...more
pet curean

Summit Complete Health Cat Food

Aren't cats the best? We sure think so, and their food should reflect that! With Petcurean's Summit Cat food you're feeding your cat a taste she'll love (...more
sun frog

Free Hugs (For Cats) T-shirt

Loving cats is something to be proud of. That's why we're loving this loud-and-proud Free Hugs (for cats) T-shirt. If you've ever caught yourself gravitating...more
Litter Lifter


Tired of straining your back while cleaning out your cat’s litter tray? We know the nasty truths behind litter care, thankfully there’s a vibrantly coloured...more
Imperial Cat

Cat 'n Around Toys

Satisfy your cat’s instinctual desire to hunt with Imperial Cat’s Cat ‘n Around cat toys. Their wide range of toys offer everything from wand toys to...more
Peach Pet Lounger

Peach Pet Lounger

If cats can teach us anything it’s lessons in relaxation. Your cat can probably be found lounging around your house, creating a bed out of just about anything...more
Nekochan Tunnel

Nekochan Cat Tunnel

Get ready for versatile fun! Nekoflies’s UJI Cat Tunnel system can be configured into an array of exciting shapes. Whether your cat is super-playful or ultra-...more
Warm Me Up Bowl

Warm Me Up Bowl

Bugs stay out, freshness stays in! The Warm Me Up Bowl from Quality Line Enterprise allows you to keep your cat’s leftover food fresh for when she’s hungry...more


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