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CocoTherapy’s Cat Hairball Plus

We love this one-ingredient solution to keep hairballs at bay—CocoTherapy’s Cat Hairball Plus. Made with high-fibre organic coconut, no artificial ingredients...more

Cocotherapy Hairball Prevention

Made with only one ingredient—high fibre organic coconut—Cocotherapy's Hairball Plus helps with your cat's digestive system. By helping your cat pass hairballs...more

Watson Has Fleas, How Embarrassing!

I’m a veterinarian, yes, but I also live with cats and my cats are subject to all the same things as my patients. For instance the last few days I’ve noticed...more


The FURminator is a classic for a reason. This is the most effective de-shedding tool I have ever seen or used. Especially with nicer weather around the corner...more


Every cat person becomes more familiar than they’d wish with hairballs, those wet masses of fur that cause cats to retch and vomit. It’s a disconcerting though...more

Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears