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True Heart

Meet this sweet survivor and the remarkable woman behind his rescue more

The Loveable Lazarus

At the tender age of just 10 weeks, a little kitten with a severe bilateral cleft palate was found on the streets of Johnson City, Tennessee. Just how he had...more

The Amazing Aerostotle

FAVOURITE PASTIME Playing with his endless supply of toys and making people smile.   NICKNAMES Turbo Cat   MOTTO “I see with my heart, not with my...more
Lazarus and Aerostotle

The Star Cat Results Are In!

The results are in…. we are pleased to announce not one but TWO Star Cat winners! Inspiring cats Lazarus and Aerostotle each earned over 82,000 votes so we've...more
Lil Bub Climbs Stairs

Video of the Day - Lil Bub Climbs Stairs


Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears