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Swiffer Kitten

Video of the Day - Kitten plays with Swiffer

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Horse and Cat

Video of the Day - Horse grooms cat

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Lessons in cat gifs

9 Things My Cat Taught Me

9. Sunbeams deserve more attention than I currently give them 8. The anticipation of dinner often exceeds the experience of eating it 7. Having a short...more
Kitten Falling Asleep

Video of the Day - Kitten falls asleep

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Cat rings bell

Video of the Day - Cat rings bell for treat

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Cat Memes

More Cat Memes

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Meme Cats

Modern Cat Memes

Burglar Cat

Video of the Day - Cat Burglar Caught

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Cat Massage

Video of the Day - Cat massage

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Peeking Cat

Video of the Day - Peeking Cat

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Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears