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Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain

Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain

Keeping cats properly hydrated can be a struggle at times, make the job a little easier by providing flowing, filtered water for Mittens. The Raindrop fountain...more
Pioneer Pet Ceramic Fountain

Pioneer Pet Ceramic Fountain

Ensuring your cat has fresh water is essential, and Pioneer Pet's ceramic raindrop water fountain keeps your cat's water fresh, filtered and flowing. The...more
Shower Cat

Calm Cat Gets a Bath

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Pioneer Pet Fountain

Raindrop fountain

It is very important to keep your feline friend properly hydrated and an easy way to help is to provide them with a running source of water. The Pioneer Pet...more
Aquatherapy thumbnail

Aquatherapy for Cats

In November 2012, Cornelius, a stray kitten of only two-and-a half months, was found at the side of the road, skinny and seriously injured, having been hit by...more

Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears