Kitten Pounces on Camera

Kitten Pounces on Camera

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Country Cat

"Country Cat" by JR Moore wants you to stay in with your cat

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The Elevator Stretch

The Elevator Stretch

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Summer Cats

The Official Cat Video of Summer

Some of our favourite "celebricats" are enjoying the sun and donating food to cats in need with every view of this video! via Purina Friskies more
Kittens in a Boot

Video of the Day - Sleepy, Cute Kittens in a Boot

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Maru and a Mouse Scratcher

Video of the Day - Maru and a Mouse Scratcher

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Kitten vs. Apples

Video of the Day - Kitten vs. Apples

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Chill Cat

Video of the Day - Chill cat dozes in chair

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Hello Friend

Video of the Day - Hello Friend?

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Black-footed cat kittens

Video of the Day - Black-footed cat kittens at the Philadelphia Zoo

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Cat of the Week!

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