10 Sets of Cat Siblings That Will Make You Want Another Pet Right MEOW

Cat Sibs
10 Sets of Cat Siblings That Will Make You Want Another Pet Right MEOW
Nothing is Cuter Than Kitties Cuddling


Some cats like being solitary—but it is SO adorable to see the ones that don't cuddling!


1) Obi and Kylo

These twins share a love of TV… they even watch together! - Submitted by Tiffany G and Eric B


2) Miko, Tobi, and Miki

These three brothers are inseparable according to mom… and they’ll only grow closer as they’re only 3.5 and 4.5 months of age! - Submitted by Patricia


3) Joey and Kaya

Joey & Kaya (or JoJo & K) enjoy a cuddle in the sunlight together. - Submitted by Heather T


4) Moxie and Monkey

These two little rescues didn’t waste any time finding their favourite spot. - Submitted Anonymously


5) Kahlua and JD

These Chocolate Point Siamese brothers lounge on their cat tower in the sunlight. Rough life… - Submitted by Heather G


6) Kitty and Gizmo

These Tennessee Tabby’s love each other so much, they’ll cuddle almost anywhere… including the kitchen floor! - Submitted by Marissa


7) Ginny and Griffin

I wonder what those two troublemakers are looking at… - Submitted Anonymously


8) Freddie, Rocky, Mickey, Ricky & Lucky

This family of five is waiting patiently for a treat… well, maybe four of them are patiently waiting… - Submitted by Kerry M


9) Toffee and Lucky Irish

These Tabbys are posing pretty for the camera! - Submitted by Shelley R


10) Rafiki

Rafiki has a canine sibling but they still cozy up like siblings should! He doesn’t let his Feline Leukemia stop him from sharing all his love. - Submitted by Kassandra


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