Adopt Me!

Adopt Me!
Want more love in your life? Who doesn't! These cats are adoptable and ready to be your BFF, true love forever guaranteed!


Tizzy Bean
Location: Mission Hills, CA—Best Friends Pet Adoption & Spay/Neuter Center
Bio: Handsome orange boy Tizzy Bean is sure to make you smile! Once he’s acclimated to a new home, Tizzy Bean is playful and likes to snuggle up in bed. He loves being pet, especially when you rub his face, and will run right up to people whenever he hears laughter. Tizzy Bean would thrive with a patient, cat savvy adopter. Would that be you?

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Location: Nashville, IN—Brown County Humane Society
Bio: A beautiful Russian Blue, Tina has the bearing
and demeanor of old world royalty. Whether she's wearing her jewels while posing for an adoption promotion or relaxing in her kitty condo, she has the calm and welcoming personality of a true princess. When she bestows her affections, which she does readily, you feel as though you've been given a special gift. But Tina saves her real self for when you're alone, showing off her very playful and silly side. She may be royalty, but she's also just a girl having fun. This princess would love to be the queen of your heart!
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Location: Raleigh, NC— Safe Haven For Cats
Bio: Tyler is a handsome young adult ready for fun! This active guy is as happy as orange Tabbies come. Tyler was pulled from a county shelter and brought to SAFE Haven, where he’s being loved and cared for but he’s ready to find his forever family. Do you have a cat-sized space in your house for Tyler? One of his favourite activities is looking out the window at birds and chirping back at them. This chatty cat can be very affectionate, but also likes to have adventures on his own and can often be found questing for catnip mice, jingle balls, and other fun toys.
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Location: Kauai, HI—Kauai Humane Society
Bio: Avani is a beautiful two-year-old gray short hair with a lush velvety coat. She may seem shy when you first meet her, but once she’s had a few minutes to get to know you, her confident side comes out. Avani enjoys being petted and having her chin scratched and will reward you with a soft purr. And at two, she’s the perfect age because she’s past a lot of the kitten mischief but still a young girl. She currently has a roommate so would be fine living with another cat and would adjust best in a quiet home where she can get to know you at her own pace. She’s ready to really blossom in her forever home. Mahalo for giving Avani a chance!
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Location: Sarasota, FL— Cat Depot
Bio: Right before Oprah and her four kittens were about to be euthanized at an overwhelmed high-kill shelter, a Good Samaritan swooped them up and brought them to a vet. There it was discovered that Oprah was not only FIV positive but had been shot multiple times—by both a BB gun and a 22-caliber pistol. Amazingly, she had only suffered leg fractures.

In late January, five-year-old Oprah arrived at Cat Depot, a non-profit, no-kill, free-roaming center located in Sarasota, Florida dedicated to improving the destiny of homeless cats. During her initial exam it was found that she had been shot two additional times—once in the upper leg and once under her left eye. The bullets were removed and Oprah is now relaxing on the Adoption Floor waiting for her forever home. Could Oprah be your feline soul mate? This girl definitely deserves a loving forever home! 
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Location: Buhl, Idaho—Magicats
Bio: Tavia was born on an Idaho farm in early 2014. She was a great farm cat—caught mice, helped around the place, and raised healthy kids. Life was good until her main human got very sick. He sent Tavia to Magicats, a consortium of foster homes run by what the Magicats team likes to call “nine old ladies who think something should be better for cats.” Magicats works with about 350 cats a year, many requiring a great deal of medical work. They’re all unpaid volunteers and need to raise about $60,000 every year, about half of which comes from a strong core group of people who quietly write the cheques. Yay team rescue!
But back to Tavia... She has since learned that she loves being an inside-only kitty. She doesn't care much for overly familiar adult cats, so she’s been interviewing folks who'd like to have an only cat companion. A window seat from which to guard the yard would be nice, and so would a human to watch television with. If someone like Tavia is on your short list, she’d love to hear from you!
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