Cat Eyes: Best Of

Cat Eyes: Best Of
Some of the most beautiful cat eyes we've seen at Modern Cat!


Here at Modern Cat Magazine we see a lot of beautiful kitty photographs submitted to our Photo Contest! Many of them have really gorgeous eyes-- featured below are some of our favourites.


1) Frazier

Frazier totally looks the part of a Beanie Baby in this photo, and his heterochromia really brings the ensemble together! - Frazier submitted by Leslie


2) Gus

Check out that icy blue gaze - but we bet Gus is super cuddly despite those frosty eyes! Gus submitted by Mary S


3) Max

We love the way Max's blue eyes emerge from his dark face! - Max submitted by Olena


4) Meya

Meya's cool green gaze is just beautiful! - Meya submitted by Austin R


5) Mickey

Cerulean, sky blue, aquamarine? We're not sure exactly what to call Mickey's eyes, but no matter what that's an awesome colour! Mickey submitted by Millie


6) Muffin

Muffin pale minty eyes look perfect for hunting mice! - Muffin submitted by Marina


7) Nerner

Nerner doesn't have jewel tone eyes, but it's impossible not to get lost in those warm, adorable eyes! - Nerner submitted by Donna M


8) Rosencrantz

Rosencrantz is full of colours, including his awesome eyes! - Rosencrantz submitted by Alisa Marie


9) Sugar

Sugar's heterochromia, in gold and soft blue, is totally striking and gorgeous! - Sugar submitted by Mary Helen H


10) Watson

Watson's eyes are as lovely as fresh spring grass! - Watson submitted by Claire

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