Cats in Bow Ties

Cats in Bow Ties
Dapper Kitties Showing Off Their Best Bow Ties!


Why do we like putting cats in bowties so much? Because cats look fancy and adorable in them! Do we really need any other reason?

To find adorable bowties for your own kitty, check out this out-of-this-world Spaced-Themed Bow Tie Cat Collar by Made by Cleo, these stylish Cat Bowties by Sweet Pickles Designs, or this adorable Heart Print Bow Tie from Not So Kitty amongst others!


1) Baby

Baby the American Shorthair's looking bold in blue! - Baby submitted by Ana & Steve


2) Bitty

We love Bitty's bowtie with those awesome purple fish graphics! - Bitty submitted by Jen S


3) Binx

Unlike Bitty's bow tie (#2), Binx's bow tie depicts fish AFTER they have been introduced to a cat... - Binx submitted by Noelle C


4) Penelope

Who says bow ties can't be feminine? Penelope's rocking her sweet pink bow! - Penelope submitted by Anna


5) Made by Cleo

This kitty is wearing an out-of-this-world bow tie you can get for yourself! This star-spangled collar and bow tie is Made by Cleo's Space-Themed Bow Tie, which you can find in our e-store!


6) Simba

Simba looks fancy enough to hit up the opera! - Simba submitted by Dexter J


7) Mr. Le

Mr. Le, originally named Left Eye, showed up lost one day while missing an eye. But you don't need both eyes to look smashing in a spotted bow tie! - Mr. Le submitted by Adam & Moriah


8) Oscar

Wow! Crimson is definitely Oscar's "colour". What a gentleman! - Oscar submitted Anonymously


9) Sweet Pickles Designs

Sweet Pickles Designs has so many awesome handcrafted bow ties in beautiful designs just like the one this dapper kitty is wearing! This guy looks like he's ready for a gala.


10) Monkey

Monkey is looking spiffier than his name suggests! - Monkey submitted by Matt


11) Bub Bub

Bub Bub was born to wear a bow tie! - Bub Bub submitted by Clare F


12) Lemur

His name may be Lemur, but he looks like a distinguished gentleman! - Lemur submitted by Taryn


13) Einstein

How can you say no to this face, especially when he dresses up for you? - Einstein submitted by James M 


14) Mr. Whiskers

Why would they call them "tuxedo cats" if they weren't supposed to wear bow ties? - Mr. Whiskers submitted by Monica E


15) Henri

Another benefit of cat bow ties: it makes your kitty look immediately more festive. - Henri submitted by Meghan


16) Boots

Handsome Boots sporting a bow tie printed with the remains of one of his favourite meals. - Boots submitted by Mark-Adrian G


17) Spencer

Spencer is a Silver Tuxedo - we think a spotted yellow bow tie is the perfect complement for his tux! - Spencer submitted by Ginger

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