Cats That Have a PhD in Napping

Cuddle buds
Cats That Have a PhD in Napping
These Little Angels Have Drifted Off to Dreamland


Looking at sleeping cats is so soothing... we'd argue it's more relaxing than a cup of tea or the sound of rain!


1) Sienna and Oliver

These two lovely siblings curled up at the foot of their mom’s bed. - Submitted by Jessica


2) Tiger

Tiger’s a 10-year-old Maine Coon that found quite an interesting spot to snooze. - Submitted by Zana T


3) Han Solo and Vader

These Star Wars cats, aged 10 and 6 months, are enjoying an afternoon snooze while their mom and dad are out of bed. - Submitted by Amy and John


4) Norma

This sweet girl must be having lovely dreams – check out her dreamy smile! - Submitted by Joe and Jessica


4) Max and Millie

These two kittens clearly love each other and look like they’re having the best nap ever! - Submitted by Debbie


5) Duke

Duke is obviously too cool for school – but not too cool for napping! - Submitted by Wendy


6) Stella

Stella clearly doesn’t want to be bothered while she catches up some z’s. - Submitted by Jared W


7)  Scout

Scout got creative and combined sun tanning with his nap time. Smart kitty! - Submitted by Leslie DJ


8) Eugene

5-month-old Eugene has quite the perfect face when he’s lost in dreamland. - Submitted by Ruben


9) Loki

Little Loki is having a hard-earned, stretchy nap after probably doing one of his favourite things – chasing lizards! - Submitted by Cassandra F


10) Enosz

Enosz is a BIG fan of sleeping according to Szabó! - Submitted by Szabó L


11) Bubba

Bubba's definitely perfected a comfy looking sleeping pose! - Submitted by Alessandra


12) Fujin

Gorgeous Fujin the Bengal looks like a peaceful sleeping tiger! - Fujin submitted by Ian

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