Cheezburger Celebrates World Cat Day

World Cat Day
Cheezburger Celebrates World Cat Day
August 8 is World Cat Day - let's all celebrate


According to cats, every day should be about celebrating cats, but today, August 8, is officially World Cat Day! So give your cat an extra cuddle, a tasty treat, the whole bed or whatever else your cat wants to feel like today is all about him/her! Happy World Cat Day!

1. Start out by celebrating World Cat Day with some dancing, lasers and music

2. Don't forget the cake

3. Beer

4. And wine for those sophisticated cats.

5. Make sure to crown your cat king or queen of everything

6. And present them with an offering.

7. Some good offering ideas: a relaxing day at the spa

8. A tasty treat

9. Cuddles

10. Relocating the dog

11. The perfect box

12. Beards

13. A set of drums

14. Or a leek if your cat is into that kind of stuff.

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