DNA Testing Kit For Cats

DNA Testing Kit For Cats
Breed, ancestry, genetic predispositions, and even personality traits can be discovered with this new feline DNA testing kit!


Feline health is determined by three main factors: nutrition, environment, and genetics. As responsible pet owners, we can do our best to control the first two but the third was decided before we even met our feline friends!

Your cat’s DNA contains more than 20,000 genes, creating a unique genetic code that is passed down from your cat’s parents, grandparents, and so on. By testing these genetics, you can get more information about breed, ancestry, physical traits, health, and potential hereditary diseases. This information is power! It can allow owners and vets to watch out, prevent or plan ahead for specific problems that may present themselves later in life.

Despite this, the field of feline genetics remains mostly unexplored by scientists. Basepaws aims to fix this gap in knowledge. As the first cat care company focused on the building blocks of genetics, Basepaws aims to not only analyze the genetics of your cat, but to also build a database of feline genetic data that will help to make new connections and discoveries in cat health.

Basepaws CatKits help you collect your kitty’s DNA (you submit your cat’s hair follicles and cheek cells gathered with a swab) and will send you back a report detailing the findings from a sequencing machine. The report will start with breed and ancestry, tracing back your cat’s roots to different species of wild cats. As the database grows, the results will continue to expand and be refined to include genetic predispositions for certain diseases, physical traits, and even the personality of your cat. They will also be able to use predictive algorithms to help you choose the diet and products that are most appropriate for your cat’s genetic make-up.

Once your cat has been tested by Basepaws, they will save all of the DNA markers and, as more research and data is uncovered, you will continue to receive reports about what makes your cat tick! How neat is that? You can order a kit for $95 at basepaws.com.

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