Halloween Cats

Halloween Cat
Halloween Cats


"Listen! The wind is rising, the air is wild with leaves. We have had our summer evenings, now for OCTOBER eves!" (Humbert Wolfe.)

These kitties are so excited for the spookiest season of the year! 



1) Mr. Big and Pet Pony

Mr. Big and Pet Pony have their pumpkin all ready for carving! - Submitted by Joan P


2) Simba

Simba's got his Halloween shirt out and he's ready to party! - Submitted by Shannon


3) Willow

Who are you being for Halloween, Willow? "Salem the Black Cat... duh!" - Submitted by Jenna


4) Fatty

Fatty poses with his fave jack'o'lantern pillow! - Submitted by Terrilynn D


5) Chibi

Chibi's got her costume all ready! - Submitted by Kaytea M


6) Kisu

We're loving Kisu's stuffed jack'o'lantern! - Submitted by Maria


7) Sergey

Sergey is all dressed up as a piece of sushi for Halloween! - Submitted by Jennifer


8) Titan

Looks like Titan has chosen to dress up as  Game of Thrones character Jon Snow for Halloween! - Submitted by Samantha

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