Help Save Birds

Help Save Birds
Help Save Birds
Birdsbesafe cat collar covers save birds from cats


Outdoor cat predation of songbirds is a serious bird conservation issue and one that has pitted bird lovers against cat lovers. For the record, for the safety of our cats, we think cats should be strictly kept indoors, but if your cat goes outside, get your cat a Birdbesafe collar and help save birds.

Data from an independent U.S. scientific field study found an 87% reduction in birds killed when cats wear Birdsbesafe.

How it works: songbirds have specialized colour vision so the bright colours and patterns on these patent-pending collar covers attract birds' attention, allowing them to notice your cat’s presence and escape imminent danger. Birdbesafe attaches to your cat’s breakaway collar and releases under pressure, ensuring your cat’s safety while protecting birds. (Bonus: reflective trim helps your cat be seen by cars at night.) Plus, they’re jaunty-looking! It’s a win-win-win. $10,

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