How To Cope With Hairballs

How To Cope With Hairballs
6 Solutions to this hairy phenomenon


Hairballs are a natural part of your cat’s fastidious grooming routine, but that doesn’t mean you love cleaning them up! To help with the woes of hairball control we’ve selected products to reduce their frequency, as well as cleaning products for when the inevitable happens.


One of the best ways to cope with hairballs is to reduce their frequency. With Wellness' Hairball Control formula you not only nourish your cat, but also help move hairballs through their digestive system (both hair and already formed hairballs). And getting your cat to eat it couldn't be easier—enticing meat flavours will have them chomping at the bit!


These Hairball Control treats from Emerald Pet are a treat for you and your cat. Super tasty and shaped like fish (so you know your cat will devour 'em), they also promote digestive health and reduce hairball growth. In other words, less icky hairball messes for you to clean up and more happy cats!

Emerald Pet

Along with preventing the formation of hairballs, this super tasty salmon paste supports healthy skin and coat. Your cat will eat it up and be left looking great!



Feeding your cat hairball reducing formulas is a great preventative measure. Another useful solution is grooming products that remove excess and loose hair, like the Furminator. Its stainless steel edge reaches deep beneath your cat's long topcoat to gently remove undercoat and loose hair—purrfect!



Regular brushing combined with a hairball control shampoo is your ultimate defense against hairballs! This natural Oatmeal shampoo from Oster is safe on your pet and contains a cleansing aloe to soothe your furry friend.



Despite your best efforts, even with the help of these fabulous products hairballs can still happen. On those rare occasions, Simple Solution's Stain and Odour Remover cleans up the mess with a pet-safe blend of pro-bacteria and enzymes that doesn't mask odours, but works quickly to neutralize them. Hairballs might not be pretty, but dealing with them is a lot less tedious with these problem-solving products! 

Simple Solution

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