How to Toilet Train Your Cat

Toilet Train Your Cat
How to Toilet Train Your Cat
Sharing the loo with Mr. Whiskers


We’ve all heard about cats that have given up the old litter box for a more civilized venue in which to powder their noses. I have actually seen this phenomenon. My aunt’s beloved cat Freaky (now deceased) was a veteran potty user. Yes, it can be done. If you are interested in training your own feline, here are the basic steps. Just make sure these steps are all done very gradually.

1. Move the litter tray into the bathroom.

2. Move the litter tray closer and closer to the toilet, until it is right next to it.

3. Raise the litter tray higher and higher on books or bricks until it is level with the toilet seat.

4. Move the litter tray on top of the toilet seat. (You can remove it when you need to go yourself.)

5. Replace the litter pan with a metal bowl sized to sit inside the toilet seat. Fill the bowl with kitty litter.

6. Gradually decrease the amount of litter in the bowl until there is none left. Keep in mind that you may have to help puddy with the balancing part, as the goal is to have all feet out of the bowl and positioned on the seat.

7. Remove the bowl. Voila! No more litter box!

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