Know Your Cats

Know Your Cats
Brush up on some little-known cat-facts


  1. Cats of the opposite gender tend to make better housemates, making for a more harmonious multi-cat home.

  2. Closed eyes can mean your cat is happy or pleased.
  3. Cats greet each other by rubbing their noses together.
  4. A third of cats' awake-time is usually spent grooming themselves.
  5. A cat’s whiskers are actually touch receptors. These important navigational tools allow cats to gage the width of openings and detect and respond to changes in their environment. Cats not only have whiskers around their nose and upper facial lip, but also shorter whiskers above each eye, kind of like eyebrows, as well as on their jaw line and on the back of their front legs. Never trim or cut your cat’s whiskers! We love this whisker stress-free feeder! 

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