Supporting Your Local Shelter

Supporting Your Local Shelter
Supporting Your Local Shelter
Can I crash on your couch?


When adult cats land at a shelter, it is more often than not downright terrifying for them; the vast majority of shelter cats have been, up until very recently, someone's pet. The reasons for surrender are usually pedestrian: a move; a change in lifestyle; a new relationship. Providing a temporary foster home for a shelter cat awaiting his forever home helps an untold amount, allowing the cat to decompress in a calm, loving home environment and to show off his true personality away from the stress of the shelter. It also frees up more space, allowing the shelter to help more homeless cats.

Almost all shelters and rescue groups have a foster program in place. Why not consider sharing your home for a spell? Contact your local cat rescue group or humane society to volunteer your services. We’ll bet you’ll be glad you did. Not only will you help cats, but it’s a great way to connect with fellow cat lovers.

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