Wackiest Cat Names of the Year Revealed

Wackiest Cat Names
Wackiest Cat Names of the Year Revealed
You wont see any of these in a book of name suggestions!


Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. has released this year's subjective but funny round up of the wackiest cat names registered in their database of insured kitties. The monikers taking top honours in the wonderfully weird department definitely prove we cat lovers are a creative bunch. (There were some pretty interesting dog names noted too. Captain Underpants, anyone?)

1. Cheeto Burrito

2. Fuzzbutt

3. Mama Pajama

4. Lady Fluffington

5. Nut Job

6. Stinky Baby

7. Doctor Whiskers

8. Rum Tum Tugger Too

9. Fatness

10. Pizza Guy

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Our kitten's name is Saturday Nite !
Thu, 10/24/2013 - 11:51
I have 3 cats 2 females and 1 male. All have been neutered and spayed. our first cat we adopted was little runty girl we named Sassie. Only meant to have one cat, but walked out to go to church and there was the ugliest,grey, extremely vocal kitten Ive ever seen. So I fed her and when she didn't leave, brought her in and named her Booger. It was the first thing to pop out of my mouth, so now she is Booger Booger Boo Boogirl or booboo. Last and certainly not least is Scooter, a feral kitten rescued by granddaughter. Injured and starving I got him better and was sending him to the shelter. He had other ideas, got out of the box and hid in car until it was back home, then he crawled out of the dash. So Scooter lives here now, very active. He had a collision with a car that busted his hips up and broke a knee joint. Our wonderful vet, Kimberly Martin fixed him up and he's been going strong ever since.
Sun, 12/01/2013 - 18:59

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